Annual Membership

Annual Membership

For those customers who make getting a massage a regular part of their health maintenance, our Annual Membership Plan offers a way to save money on every session.

Specialty Massages ARE NOT INCLUDED in the Annual Membership.

Memberships are non-refundable.

Prices do not include applicable sales tax.

Got questions? We’ve (hopefully) got answers. Click here for our Membership Plan FAQ.

Annual Memberships

Gain access to our lowest rate for one-hour sessions when you visit. No need to pay for sessions in advance!

Prices do not include applicable sales tax.

PlanMembership PriceMassage Session PricesExpirationHow many sessions are included?Specialty Massage Discounts?How Far Can I Schedule Appointments In Advance?Share Memberships?Is this right for me?

As Many One-Hour Sessions As You Want in 365 Days -- Each hour
priced at the "First Time Guests" rate.

$69.00 per person per year.

Please refer to our prices page for information.One year after purchaseUnlimited.

You can have as many sessions in a year as you wish.

Each one-hour session would be priced at the "First Time Guest" Price when you visit.
No. Specialty Massages are priced at the "Returning Guest" rate.2 Months

We cannot guarantee specific therapists will be available at any point in time. If you book in advance for any given therapist, we may have to change or cancel the appointment based on the therapist availability. We will, of course, provide as much notice as possible if your appointment(s) need to be altered.
No. Only the person who has the membership receives the "First Time Guest" Price for sessions.If you plan to get 5 or more massages in the next year you'll save money.