In The Bag Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

When you arrive you will be asked to fill out some short paperwork to find out about any relevant medical issues or concerns you have. At the beginning of your session your therapist will conduct a pre-massage interview using this paperwork as a guideline to determine what you need and want from your massage. After this brief interview the therapist will step out of the room so that you may undress in private. After undressing to your comfort level you will lie on a massage table under a sheet and often a blanket. You will lie either face up or down according to what your therapist told you. Your therapist will knock before re-entering the room.

A typical session may include work on the back, glutes/hips, legs, neck, face, scalp, arms, hands, legs, and feet. However, each massage is customized to the individual and you can request that certain areas be skipped.

No, you will be asked to undress to your comfort level. For many people, that means becoming completely undressed. Others may leave on underwear or even shorts. Typically, it will be easier for both you and the therapist the less you wear so that she can thoroughly work on your muscles.

Yes, the State of Ohio has certain rules regarding draping and your therapist must follow those rules. Please allow the therapist to drape and undrape you during the massage. If you are too hot, let the therapist know and she can appropriately undrape certain areas (arms, feet, etc.) to make you more comfortable.

If you are receiving a therapeutic massage (deep tissue, trigger point, NMT, etc.) there may be discomfort in certain areas as the therapist works to relieve tight and/or inflamed muscles. Everyone has a different tolerance level and you and your therapist will work together to ensure that you are not feeling any extreme pain.

Yes – if you want to talk during a massage, please do so. Many clients feel more relaxed talking during a session while others would rather remain silent. Your therapist will let you dictate how the conversation does or does not go. Please just be aware that others are receiving massages at the same time and keep your voice low.

While many people believe that a massage can help them get over their cold faster, receiving one while you still have symptoms can actually prolong the sickness. It is always best, out of care for yourself, your therapist, and other employees/clients, to reschedule.

We often have clients tell us that they have a friend or family member who won’t come in because they don’t want to be undressed in front of someone. Please don’t let this stop you from receiving a massage and all the benefits that it can bring to your body! Therapists see many different body types and we enjoy working on all of them.

Let us know! We will do everything we can to rectify the situation. Sometimes it takes trying more than one therapist to get that right “fit”. Subsequent sessions with the same therapist often continue to get better and better as the two of you continue to work out what does and doesn’t work for your body and as the therapist learns what issues you have. The more massages you get, the better your body will respond to them, as well.

That answer is a little different for everyone. If you have a specific issue or complaint that you are trying to work out, it is best to come as often as you can, at least at first, to get the issue under control. A good starting point is to come in once a week for the first month then once every two weeks for a month or two after that. Once your body feels “normal” again a maintenance schedule of once per month works for most people.