In The Bag Massage

Unattended Children

If your child is coming in for a massage, great!  We’ll be happy to take great care of him / her!  We’ve massaged clients as young as six years old.

Please be aware, though, that we’re not a baby-sitting service.  Arrange for off-site child care if your child is under 16 and is not getting a massage at the same time as you.

We cannot assume responsibility or liability for a child left in the lobby.  If we’re presented with a client showing up with a child under 16 who’d be unattended / unsupervised in the lobby, we will have no choice but to cancel your appointment.

You may take your child with you into the room where you’re having your massage session.  Please be aware that if the child becomes disruptive (being loud, frequent going in and out of the door, etc.) we’ll have to end the appointment.  You would be expected to pay the cost of that session even if we end it early.