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Welcome to In The Bag Massage

At In The Bag Massage we do one thing: professional massage at affordable rates.

As you are unique, so is your massage. Before each session, our practitioners will talk — and actually listen! — to you to find out what you need.

Exactly What You Need

Require some trigger point work because you’re an athlete? We’ll find the spots that need attention. Just feeling a little stressed out and want to relax? Lie back and let us massage the stressors away. Have a nagging pain that just won’t go away? We’ll help.

Without Breaking The Bank

We don’t believe you need to spend $90 to $120 for an hour’s massage. Your first 60 minutes with one of our licensed massage therapists is only $65. After that, it’s a reasonable $80 per hour. No contracts. No “minimum number” of sessions to buy

We look forward to providing you with quality massage therapy at affordable prices.