In The Bag Massage

In The Bag Massage

Welcome to In The Bag Massage

At In The Bag Massage we do one thing: professional massage at affordable rates.

As you are unique, so is your massage. Before each session, our practitioners will talk — and actually listen! — to you to find out what you need.

Exactly What You Need

Require some trigger point work because you’re an athlete? We’ll find the spots that need attention. Just feeling a little stressed out and want to relax? Lie back and let us massage the stressors away. Have a nagging pain that just won’t go away? We’ll help.

Without Breaking The Bank

We don’t believe you need to spend $90 to $120 for an hour’s massage. Your first 60 minutes with one of our licensed massage therapists is only $65. After that, it’s a reasonable $80 per hour. No contracts. No “minimum number” of sessions to buy

Sometimes Google Maps and GPSs do not work inside of office parks.  Once you turn south onto Park Meadow from Schrock Road, here’s how to find us:

Turn RIGHT into the SECOND entrance of the office park.

Follow that about 250 feet until you reach a building.  On the side of the building you’ll see “659.” 

Go around the building to the left, and then to the back.  We are in Suite “K.”

Our Business Hours

DayFirst Appointment TimeLast Appointment Time
Monday10:45 AM7:30 PM10:00 AM7:45 PM01
Tuesday10:45 AM7:30 PM10:00 AM7:45 PM02
Wednesday10:45 AM7:30 PM10:00 AM7:45 PM03
Thursday10:45 AM7:30 PM10:00 AM7:45 PM04
Friday10:00 AM1:45 PM9:30 AM2:00 PM05
Saturday10:00 AM1:45 PM9:30 AM2:00 PM06
Sunday12:00 PM3:45 PM11:30 AM4:00 PM07