In The Bag Massage

Massage Session

In the amount box above, please enter the total of your session and any tip you wish to include. For example, if your session is $69.88 and you wish to leave a $10 tip, enter $79.88 in the amount box.

We send out emails the day prior to your session to let you know the total cost of your session. Within that email will be the therapist name and appointment time. Find your specific appointment. Then, next to that will be the cost.

If you have a gift certificate to pay for your session, just reach out and let us know.  Call 614 222 5782 or text us at 614 569 4139.  Please tell us your name, who purchased the gift certificate for you, the amount of the gift cert, and, if you know, the serial number.  If the amount of your gift certificate is more than the cost of your session, tell us if you’d like to use any of the balance as a tip.

To pay for multiple sessions, simply add the totals together and enter one number.  There is a space for “Additional Information” on the checkout screen if you would like to pass along any information about your payment.

With Sales TaxWithout Sales Tax
60 Minute Special69.8865.00
120 Minute Special139.75130.00
With Sales TaxWithout Sales Tax
60 Minute Regular Price86.0080.00
120 Minute Regular Price172.00160.00

Thank you for your business!