Massage Technicians

The Massage Technicians we have on staff are individuals who are either still attending massage school or have recently graduated but not yet received their license from the State of Ohio Medical Board. Massage Technicians are prohibited from working on medically diagnosed conditions and from working on referrals from a physician or chiropractor. Only a Licensed Massage Therapist can work on medically diagnosed conditions. Also, they may not call themselves a “therapist” nor use the word “therapy” in describing their profession. Because of those limitations we offer the technician sessions as greatly reduced rates.

Until recently the test to become an LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) was only offered twice a year. This left hundreds of skilled practitioners unable to work in their chosen field. This is when we began hiring those technicians who could demonstrate to us the same level of professionalism and expertise we require of our therapists.

This quickly became a win-win situation for everyone involved as we had quicker access to the best technicians/therapists out there, they were able to work in their field, and our clients could receive great massages at an even better price.

Technicians have to demonstrate a high level of expertise before we’ll allow them to work on any of our customers. Our hiring standards are the highest in the industry and 60% of all applicants to In The Bag Massage do not meet our standards.

Though we believe your session with a technician will be enjoyable, by definition our Licensed Massage Therapists are more experienced. If you’re suffering from a persistent, specific issue you may want to consider booking with a Licensed Massage Therapist.