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Searching For and Requesting An Appointment

The matrix below shows a quick snapshot of open appointments for the next two days only. To see what’s available beyond the next two days, use the “Book 24/7” function of the appointment software. (Scroll down to the window below to where it says “Search For An Open Appointment.”)

The matrix is manually updated and may not reflect recently booked / cancelled appointments.

  • Appointments in YELLOW are with Licensed Massage Therapists. They are $45.
  • Appointments in RED are with Massage Technicians. They are $35.
  • If the backgrounds are white the sessions are priced at normal rates.

Standby List

If our appointment schedule is full and you’d like us to place you on our “Standby List,” please click here to provide us with a little information. If we get an opening that meets your criteria, we’ll give you a call.

Search For An Open Appointment

  • You do not need to be logged into the software to search for an appointment. Please review the “Booking Notes” (highlighted in bright yellow) before logging into the software.
  • Appointments less than four hours away will not be displayed in the search. If an appointment is listed in the “Open Appointments” window at the top of this page and it’s less than four hours away, you must call us at 614.222.5782 to reserve it.
  • Use the pulldown under “Service (required)” to find the specific type of massage you’d like to book.
  • If you’re looking for when a specific therapist has an opening, you may choose that therapist from the “Service Provider (optional)” pull down. If it doesn’t matter which practitioner you’re with, don’t select any.
  • If you’re looking for a particular date, you can choose that date in the “Date” field. Otherwise, you may leave the Date field blank and the software will find the first open spot for you.
  • Press the search button. If there are no appointments listed on the date you specified, the software will provide you with the first date that service / practitioner would be available. Clicking on the date the software provides you will show you all of the available practitioners and the times for your selected service.
  • If an appointment is listed above as discount priced, it will still be listed as a full priced session in the software below. When we approve the appointment, we’ll apply the discount.

Booking Notes


Doing so may wipe out your appointment and gift certificate histories.

If you know your username / password, you can log in below. After you've logged in, you can make any appointment as long as it's more than four hours away. You can check on existing appointments. You can cancel appointments if more than 24 hours away.

We have some important information to pass along to you about your first massage with us. All first time customers MUST call 614 222 5782 to book their first appointment.

  • Special note about 90 Minute Sessions: 90 Minute appointments are not available before 5PM Monday through Friday. (Yes, the software may show that they’re available, but if you request it, we’ll have to deny the request.) From 5PM on, and on weekends, even if the software shows an availability for a 90 minute session, a room / schedule conflict may cause us to deny your request. As an alternative, for a longer-than-60-minute-session, consider the 120 minute session — those sessions almost never suffer a room / schedule conflict!)

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